Pony Perfect Circular Needles 80 cm (3.00-10.00mm)

Pony Perfect circular needles in wood.

The needles measure 80 cm.

Available in sizes 3.00-10.00 mm.

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Pony Perfect Circular Needles 80 cm (3.00-10.00mm)

Environmental awareness embodied in beautiful, smooth and flexible circular needles.

If you are looking for a set of sustainably produced 80 cm circular needles, which are phenomenal to knit with, then the circular needles from PONY's Perfect series are just the ones for you.

The smooth, strong and beautiful circular needles are made by pressing three environmentally friendly types of wood hard together, whereby the beautiful play of colours occurs - completely without the use of artificial colours.

The stitches slide easily when knitting on the smooth needles, and the yarn does not stick to the completely smooth GLYDON assembly between the needles and the cable.

The cable is very flexible and never gets in the way.

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