Pony Perfect Interchangable Knobs (3-10 mm)

2 pcs Cable stops

Size 3-10 mm

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Pony Perfect Interchangable Knobs (3-10 mm)

Pony Perfect cable stopper (3-10 mm) – smart cable stoppers put stitches on hold

Would you like to be able to put the stitches on the circular needle on hold and continue with another part of your knitting on the same needle? Then these cable stoppers are for you.

With the Pony Perfect circular needle set, you can easily remove the replaceable wire and attach the cable stopper.

Cable stoppers can be useful if, for example, you have knitted the carrier piece for a sweater and would like to continue knitting sleeves on the same needle. Then the stitches stay in place and you can continue knitting somewhere else.

These cable stops are perfect in combination with our wires from Pony perfect.

See our Pony Perfect wires here.


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