Uni Posca Fine Coloured Markers, 12 pcs

12 pcs fine markers from Uni Posca Tusch.

The line width is 0.9-1.3 mm, PC-3M.

Assorted colours.

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Uni Posca Fine Coloured Markers

Uni-Posca Fine Coloured Markers come with smooth, opaque inks that can be used on any surface of any colour you want. The thick, premium inks remain perfectly visible even when lighter colours are used on dark coloured paper. These permanent markers offer a clean, vibrant finish that adheres permanently to porous materials, making them ideal for marking or colouring objects with a long-lasting finish. These opaque inks can also be used to write on smooth, glossy surfaces like plastic and metal without smearing or showing through. The markers have an extra fine tip, which produces a line about 0.7 mm wide, making them great for detailing and making important markings. This set includes 12 gorgeous poster colours to choose from.

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