Triumph Scissors 16.5 cm Titanium

High quality at low price. Made of titanium for longer durability. Razor-sharp "blade" design. Soft grip on the inside.

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Triumph Titanium Scissors

A great pair of scissors is a must-have in any crafter’s kit.

These 16.5 cm Triumph Scissors make a multi-purpose, user-friendly, and extremely sturdy pair of scissors that you will use for years to come. Crafted with super sharp, durable titanium blades and large finger holes with a soft grip, these scissors cut like butter without putting any strain on your hands either. These versatile scissors can cut through all kinds of paper, cardboard, and fabric effortlessly without becoming dull too easily. So whether you’re a DIYer, hobby artist, or sewer, these Triumph Titanium Scissors will serve you well.

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