STAEDTLER Double Container Pencil Sharpener, ass. colors

  • Great for children, students, adults and professionals
  • Includes 2 different sized sharpeners
  • Durable and rust-resistant metal tips
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STAEDTLER Double Container Pencil Sharpener

Sharpen pencils of all sizes and diameters with the Staedtler Double Container Pencil Sharpener. This handy sharpener uses Staedtler’s german precision sharpening blades to deliver a smooth and consistent finish whether you’re working with graphite pencils or colour pencils. The unique design allows you to sharpen without worrying about the mess. Its transparent container collects the pencil shavings and allows for easy touch-free dispensing. So no more worrying about dirtying your hands or your paper with wood and lead bits.

Available in 4 different colours, this sharpener is a handy tool that every artist needs.

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