STAEDTLER Karat Acrylic Paints, 24 pcs

STAEDTLER karat acrylic paint in 24 beautiful colours.

Each tube contains approx. 12 mL paint.

Easy to mix and dissolve in water.

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STAEDTLER Karat Acrylic Paints

24 beautiful colours in acrylic paint from STAEDTLER Karat.

Staedtler Karat Acrylic Paint is perfect for when you’re looking for a vibrant set of paints that you can use on a wide range of surfaces and a smooth, durable finish. It’s water-soluble when wet, water-resistant when dry, and is so easy to blend too. With easy usability and flawless, professional results, there’s nothing more versatile than these acrylic paints. The set includes 24 exquisite, high pigment shades that are perfect for pretty much any kind of painting and any theme. Perfect for use on paper, cardboard, wood, fabric, and more.

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