STAEDTLER Mars Rotary sharpener

Practical rotary sharpener from STAEDTLER Mars

It can be used for round, triangular and hexagonal pencils and colour pencils with a diameter of up to 12 mm

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STAEDTLER Mars Rotary sharpener

Sharpener for all round, triangular and hexagonal blacklead and coloured pencils up to Ø 12 mm.

It has various adjustment possibilities for sharpening cone: - long and sharp – ideal for clear, accurate lines and for hatching - short and blunt – ideal for broad, soft lines.

Additionally, it has a metal rotary blade as well as a desk clamp that holds it in place.

The automatic sharpening stop makes sure you never over-sharpen your pencils; it simply stops when the pencil is sufficiently sharpened.


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