STAEDTLER Noris Eco 180 30 HB

Includes 5 pieces

Wood sourced from certified, sustainably managed forests

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STAEDTLER Noris Eco 180 30 HB

Every artist needs a pencil that they can count on—for most, it’ll be the Staedtler Noris Eco 180 30 HB. This pencil features the classic Staedtler striped design with modern enhancements. The hexagonal shape ensures an easy grip while working and prevents your palms and fingers from fatigue or discomfort. The premium laminate finish offers a smooth working experience while the graphite centre delivers high anti-breaking strength. Made using wood sourced directly from sustainably managed forests in Europe, these pencils are eco friendly and deliver on the high standards set by Staedtler.

Perfect for sketching on paper or canvas, this set of pencils is versatile enough to benefit kids, students and professional artists.

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