STAEDTLER Soft Pastel Chalks, 24 pcs

Softt chalks with high colour intensity.

The colours are easy to mix and have a high degree of lightfastness.

The pastel chalks have a diameter of approx. 10 mm.

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STAEDTLER Soft Pastel Chalks

Looking for an intense and vibrant art experience? Look no further than STAEDTLER Soft Pastel Chalks.

These chalks are perfect for creating expressive works of art with vibrant colours. They can be blended, smudged and layered to create stunning techniques, making them ideal for both beginners and experienced artists alike. So why not add a touch of creativity to your next project with STAEDTLER Soft Pastel Chalks?

These 24 vibrant hues can be blended and layered to create beautiful pieces. The premium quality materials and pigments make them especially trusted among professional artists. To transform your next creative project with some colour—order the Staedtler Soft Pastel Chalks today.

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