HobbyArts Stitch Markers, 100 pcs

Includes 100 pieces

Available 10 different colours

Comes neatly sorted in a convenient storage box

£ 3.50
£ 7.00
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Offer expires 02/06/2024
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HobbyArts Stitch Markers

If you’re passionate about knitting, the HobbyArts Stitch Markers are total game-changers.

With an easy, convenient locking system, these plastic stitch markers can be placed into any loop in your knitted or crocheted works to leave markings that help review your stitches. Use them to mark the end of a row when knitting in the round or to mark increases/decreases in your pattern. They can also be used to mark a dropped stitch so that you can carefully analyse it and decide how to fix the mistake.

They work quite like a safety pin and include 100 pieces so you can mark as many stitches as you need effortlessly.

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