Pony Safety Stitch Markers Small, 25 pcs (yellow, turquoise, orange and pink)

Size: Aprox. 23 mm

Material: Plastic

Colours: Yellow, turquoise, orange and pink

£ 4.66
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Pony Small Safety Stitch Markers

These small markers are designed to help you keep your stitches in place while you're knitting.

They're small and shaped like safety pins, so they'll stay put without slipping out or snagging your yarn. The small markers are specifically designed for both knitters and crocheters. Keep your stitches safe and secure with Pony Safety Stitch Markers! These markers securely attach to your stitches and will not slip out or snag in your knitting. Made from durable plastic, these markers are designed to last. Make sure your stitches are always clearly marked with Pony Safety Stitch Markers!

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