Foam Clay & Silk Clay Gift Box, 10 + 10 pcs

Content: Foam Clay in 10 colours and Silk Clay in 10 colours.

In addition, 5 pcs. hand tools, 8 molds, 9 sets of eyes, ass. body parts and 5 key chains.

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Foam Clay & Silk Clay Gift Box

With this 20-pack set of modelling material, you'll have everything you need to create unique and charming figurines, mini models, colourful sculptures and more. Foam Clay is perfect for making soft, malleable figures, while Silk Clay has a delicate and translucent texture. You can also use the included hand tools, moulds, eyes, body parts, and key rings to make your creations even more special.

The set includes 20 cans of modelling material in two different types: Foam Clay and Silk Clay. You'll be able to create all sorts of adorable figurines with the 10 colours of each type of clay, plus the 5 included hand tools. There are also 8 moulds, 9 sets of eyes, assorted body parts, and 5 key chains to mount your figurines on. Plus, everything comes in handy with airtight cans for easy storage!

Colourful and so much fun, this Foam Clay & Silk Clay Gift Box will be loved by kids and adults.

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