Go Handmade Rattle Box Grey 22 mm, 8 pcs

The package contains 8 pcs. grey plastic rattle boxes.

The rattle boxes measure 22 mm.

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Go Handmade Rattle Box Grey 22 mm, 8 pcs

Add a playful touch to your knit and crochet creations with the Go Handmade Rattle Box.

Available in 22 mm sizes, this pack of 8 rattle boxes works well with stuffed toys, amigurumi, andknitted animals, giving it an adorable effect.

The soft rattles bring them to life while inviting the attention of kids to play with.

Bright enough to be heard even under all that stuffing and layers, these rattle boxes aren’t too loud or too soft, but just perfect.

So give your next creation a voice of its own with this go handmade rattlebox.

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