KnitPro ZOONI Stitch Markers Gems, 12 pcs

With KnitPro Zooni stitch markers you get 12 nice stitch markers with fun colours.

Contains: 12 pcs

Colours: Blue, red, yellow and purple.

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KnitPro ZOONI Stitch Markers Gems

Keep your knitting on track with these KnitPro ZOONI Stitch Markers

Charming and convenient, these markers help you easily identify pattern repeats, increases and decreases, or other stitches in your knitting—allowing you to create complex patterns and keep track of progress between different knitting sessions. Made with nylon thread and glass beads, they come in cool gems shapes and 4 colours (blue, red, yellow and purple) that make them the perfect tool to mark the end of a row in circular knitting or to mark the row at a specified place. You'll get twelve beautiful stitch markers with each purchase of KnitPro Zooni stitch markers!

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