Mayflower acrylic

High quality on a budget

Unlike traditional wool and organic yarns, acrylic yarns are made using synthetic materials. This allows it to be comparably inexpensive and consistent inequality and finish. Mayflower’s acrylic yarn collection is made as per the highest industry standards and offers very high durability and a smooth finish that mimics its natural alternatives.

Ideal for beginners

Acrylic yarns are super easy to work with. Mayflower’s collection also features easy knit yarns that are specifically designed for beginners and newbies looking to experience the beauty of knitting.

These yarns offer great results with low effort and also work with wider needle sizes for ease of use.

Materiale_227: 100% Acrylic
£ 2.39
£ 2.99
You save: £ 0.60
0 reviews
Materiale_227: 53% Wool / 47% Acrylic
£ 7.27
£ 9.10
You save: £ 1.83
0 reviews
Materiale_227: 80% uld, 14% Polyacryl og 6% Viskose
£ 3.49
£ 3.98
You save: £ 0.49
0 reviews

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