Mayflower Polyamide & Acrylic

Extremely durable and practical

These synthetic fibres are mixed with natural fibres like wool or cotton to create durable fabrics. Also referred to as nylon, these fabrics are regularly machine washable and resistant to shrinkage. Their ability to retain their shape makes them a practical choice for loungewear, socks, gloves and more.

Loved by knitting enthusiasts

Mayflower Polyamide and Acrylic yarns are loved by knitting enthusiasts from all over the world.These yarns offer versatility and are also easy to work with, thanks to their durable and snag-resistant design. Mayflower’s deep experience and track record for creating high-quality yarns ensure that your projects are a success.

Materiale_227: 100% Polyamide
£ 2.47
£ 3.10
You save: £ 0.63
0 reviews
Materiale_227: 75% Pure wool superwash / 25% Polyamide
£ 8.80
£ 10.99
You save: £ 2.19
1 reviews
Materiale_227: 28% polyacrylic / 27% alpaca / 13% wool / 13% cotton / 10% polyamide / 9% polyester
£ 5.86
£ 6.50
You save: £ 0.64
0 reviews

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