Mayflower Mohair

For all your exquisite creations

Create silky soft, buttery knitted clothing that you’ll never want to take off with the Mayflower mohairKid silk yarn. Delicate and featherlight, this yarn is a blend of Mohair and silk to give it that luxurious texture.

Unmatched Premium Feel

This luscious blend feels super soft in your hands and is a dream to work with. With over 40 different colours to choose from, Mayflower mohair creates the most gorgeous shawls, sweaters, ponchos, scarves and more that have a delectable, cashmere finish and a sophisticated look.

Materiale_227: 76% Mohair / 24% Silk
£ 5.00
£ 6.25
You save: £ 1.25
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Materiale_227: 76% Mohair / 24% Silk
£ 7.48
£ 9.35
You save: £ 1.87
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