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99746 Wheel Stitch

Model/Item no.: 99746

The pattern describes how:
1. The bag is crocheted, with a crocheted bottom
2. The bag is crocheted if you use Go handmade's fixed PU leather bases. Which is in two sizes, 31 x 10 cm and 36 x 13 cm

Model: Wheel Stitch
Size: 45 x 10 x H36 cm.
Firmness: 2 wheel stitch patterns/ 10 cm.
Gauge: 16 dc/10 cm.
Cozy yarn: 350 g.
Crochet hook: 4.0 - 4.5 mm.

Good to know
Go handmade's Wheel Stitch collection has been developed by the masters themselves - passionate crocheters who love their handiwork.

Needle, size and firmness
The Wheel Stitch bag is crocheted with what we consider a loose fit. The crochet strength that we think suits the bags best.
Crocheters crochet very differently: some crochet with a 2.0 mm needle and create the same result as someone who crochets with a 4.0 mm needle. We have learned this from our own team, who have helped to crochet the bags.
The key to crocheting a certain size is more about the crochet style than the size of the needle.
Therefore, we always recommend a range of needle sizes: 4.0 – 4.5 mm for loose crochet strength.

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