Clover Stitch Ring Markers, Jumbo (red/green)

20 pcs. extra-large, with 10 small and 10 large rings.

Round, soft plastic rings for marking the start and end of the stitches in any knitting pattern.

Perfect for thick yarn.

£ 6.70
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Clover Jumbo Stitch Ring Markers

Keep your knitting neat and flawless with Clover Locking Stitch Markers. These markers feature soft plastic rings in an assortment of sizes, perfect for marking the start and end of stitches in any pattern. They're great for use with thick yarns, so you can stay on track while you knit and never lose sight of where you left off.

End those pesky dropped stitches and keep your knitting patterns looking neat and tidy with Clover's locking stitch markers. These 20 extra-large rings come in 10 small and 10 large sizes, perfect for any yarn thickness. Made of soft plastic, they're easy to use and won't snag on your knitted fabric. Keep your stitches locked down with Clover!

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