Knitting Loom, oblong, 11cm

Contents: Elongated knitting

Color: Pink

Size: 11 cm

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Knitting Loom, Oblong

To create beautiful items, smooth and soft to the touch with intricate detail, knitters need special tools. Now there is one tool that can help you as you work on your technique—the knitting loom! 

Whether you're a seasoned knitter or beginner, this sturdy yet flexible ring is sure to make your experience an extra bit sweeter every time. This little finger tool will assist Continental-style knitters while working on multicoloured knitting projects that require hand manipulation of yarn fibres and is designed to prevent your threads from snapping. The knitting loom will also keep an even tension in your thread for a perfect fabric every time! Whether knitting socks or sweaters, don't start your next knitting project without one of these.

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Make knitting super simple and easy on the hands with the long knitting loom.

Designed to create perfectly knitted, beautiful accessories with unmatched precision and quality, without using traditional needles, this long loom makes it easy for beginners and kids too. Crafted in plastic, this loom features elongated hooks that help you knit almost anything you like even without much knitting experience. You’ll enjoy making a variety of accessories like scarves, beanies, afghans, totes and much more. Makes a wonderful gift for beginners or older knitters with joint troubles.

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