32-14 Sunny Day Stripes Jacket by DROPS Design

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Knitted jacket for children with raglan in DROPS Merino Extra Fine. The work is knitted from the top down with stripes. Size 2 - 12 years.

DROPS Design: Model me-048-bn
Yarn group B
-------------------------------------------------- -----

Size: 2 - 3/4 - 5/6 - 7/8 - 9/10 - 11/12 years
The size corresponds to about the child's height in cm:
92 - 98/104 - 110/116 - 122/128 - 134/140 - 146/152
DROPS MERINO EXTRA FINE from Garnstudio (belongs to yarn group B)
150-150-150-200-200-200 g color 08, light beige
150-150-150-150-200-200 g color 30, mustard

-------------------------------------------------- -----

21 stitches in width and 28 stitches in height with stocking st = 10 x 10 cm.

DROPS CIRCUIT NO 4 - for stocking sts on the sleeves.
DROPS ROUND PIECE NO 4: Length of 60 cm or 80 cm for stocking st.
DROPS CIRCUIT NO 3 - for ribs on the sleeves.
DROPS ROUND PIECE NO 3: Length of 60 cm or 80 cm for rib.
Pins no are indicative only. If you get too many 10 cm stitches, change to thicker stitches. If you get too few 10 cm stitches, change to thinner sticks.

DROPS BUTTON, EG NO 503: 5-5-6-6-7-7 pcs.

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