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Jacket knitted in Go Handmade Couture.


Str. 3 months.:

200 g Go Handmade Couture

Str. 6 months:

200 g Go Handmade Couture


Round needles 3.5 mm

Knitting strength of 3.5 mm: 18 m garter st = 10 cm

The stated quantity of yarns is indicative.

Use mask marker or mask counter as it can be difficult to count m / p in the Couture yarn.

Good to know

The Go Handmade collection is developed by the masters themselves - passionate knitters who love their work.

Everything is knitted with what we regard as medium firmness. The firmness we think fits best.

Pin size & firmness

Knitters, knit very different: some knits with sticks 2.0 mm and create the same result as a person knitting with sticks 4.0 mm. We have learned this from our own team, which has helped to knit.

The key to knitting a certain size is more about the knitting style than about the size of the pegs. Therefore, we always recommend a span of stick sizes.

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