Lyra Groove Triple Coloured Pencils, 12 pcs

Set of 12 3-in-1 coloured pencils from Lyra Groove Triple.

The coloured pencils have both crayon, pencil and watercolour properties.

The tip of the coloured pencils is 10 mm.

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Lyra Groove Triple Coloured Pencils

The Lyra Groove Triple Colour Pencils are the perfect way to add some colour to your drawings.

With 12 vibrant colours to choose from, you can mix and match to create the perfect colour palette for your project. The triangular shape and holes for fingers make them easy and comfortable to grip, while the reinforced core keeps them strong and durable.

The Lyra Groove Triple Colour Pencils offer 12 vibrant colours that can be blended to create an infinite range of hues. So mix and match to create any masterpiece you desire. The durable core also ensures smooth sharpening and an effortless user experience.

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