DG365 Dale Gold & Fine Retro for Baby & Kids

Size: Baby, child

Yarn qualities: Baby Wool & Pure Eco Baby Wool

Technique: Pattern knit, knit

Designer: Kari Haugen

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We're still on a treasure hunt!

And there is no end to what one can create from all the finest treasures we find in Dale's GOLD archive. This time we have been sneaking in the oldest gold finds from the 40s, 50s and 60s. It is this which is the stately inheritance silver. These are the traditional patterns that will delight new generations of little trolls, mum-knitters, aunts, grandmothers - and a dad, uncle and grandfather or two.

We chuckle a little when we browse the old pictures. Out of fashion, hairstyles and models. Of the shapes. Of the colors. Off the rigid and tear the claw net. But there is no doubt in the soul that this is hiding a chime for new favorites.

So then it is important to choose in the abundance of beautiful pattern tables before they are merged with new structures, fine braids and proper hole knit. It's like a puzzle where the challenge is to get the elements to play and go up into a new unit.

Again it is our skilled designer Kari Haugen who settles in the treasury. And again she has created modern baby and toddler garments with solid roots in our proud knitting history. And of course in the softest and finest types of yarn we want for our little ones. And in modern, contemporary colors. All that is required for the heritage and traditions to be developed and maintained.

Now we hope that you will find something sweet and new for the knitting list whether you knit for the kindergarten kid or to fill the knitting drawer to a new world citizen. Are you invited to a baby shower or preparing for a maternity visit is a soft, homemade baby blanket, or a small romper, one of the best gifts for the newborn.

The possibilities are many when we now knit into a new and creative season where both the small and the slightly larger knitting projects are in line.

And then I wish you good moments with sticks and yarn - and am excited about what you have on the pins this fall! Maybe you share?

Margaretha Finseth

Design & Brand Manager


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