DG366 Osroso

Size: Adult

Yarn qualities : Alpaca

Technique: Pattern knit, knit

Designer: Iselin Hafseld

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The big OSROSO adventure started when it dumped a message in the mailbox from Laila Reisertsen, the deputy mayor of Os municipality in Hordaland. - As osing, I am concerned about traditions, and in particular it applies to the rosemaling tradition in Os municipality - what we call Osrosemaling. And now with the knitting wave and the strong knitting traditions we have here at home, it had been nice with a separate Osrose knitting pattern, she wrote. We lit the idea and connected her with one of our most talented designers, Iselin Hafseld. If anyone can solve the challenging task, it is Iselin, we thought. - I was contacted by Laila Reiertsen to develop an idea she had about making a knit design based on the Osros paint, says Iselin. Iselin has always been interested in ornamentation, and the project aroused her curiosity. She was invited to Os where she received an inspiring meeting with Laila and the two leading, living Osrose painters, Hjørdis Juvik and Torunn Rød Farsund.

The inspiration and the starting point for the main ornamentation in OSROSO is taken from a coffin painted by another famous Osros painter, Per Rød. Where needed, several smaller items were borrowed from other works. But it's a good way from a rose painting motif to a pattern that most people can knit. It requires solid professional knowledge, a lot of processing and adaptation. - The variety of colors and shades in the rose paint is too complicated to recreate in a knitting pattern, Iselin points out and continues: To bring in more colors and retain the lush expression, I chose pattern colors in the Alpaca Space Dye. It is a multicolored yarn in beautiful shades that changes character depending on which bottom color you choose, and you only need one color to achieve a multicolored pattern.

Tradition believes, Iselin chose two variants of Osrosa; a white and a black bottom color, because it is characteristic of the Osros paint. It has become an incredibly beautiful OSROSO collection with jacket, sweater, hat and wrist warmers. The ornaments are in a class of their own, and the good thing is that anyone who is in control of mask counting and is mature for a little challenge with pins and yarn can get their own Osroso.

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Margaretha Finseth

Design & Brand Manager


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