DG369 Dale Gull - Urban Retro

Size: Adult

Yarn qualities : Alpaca, Alpaca Forte

Technique: Knit

Designer: Trine Lise Høyseth

Language: English

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We continue the treasure hunt in Dale's GOLD archive! A treasure hunt all involved knitters at all times have participated in. We see it on Facebook, on Instagram, on Snap - and everywhere else knitting people share their great knitting projects for both young and old. The old cardboard tables are constantly emerging in new disguise, and it is always fun to see how the renewal hits more and more in the middle of the knitting heart. And we love it! For - how else should we maintain the proud knitting traditions?

Sometimes it is almost impossible to recognize the old tables. The magic happens when staute primary cuts in the old, tire claws are replaced with the very softest alpaca cage. The pattern completely changes character and the ornamentation becomes so much finer in thinner yarn types. And then there are the colors, then. The Alpaca fiber takes colors in its own way and gets a soft and delicate expression. Thus, it is set for beautiful ornaments and fine color games in shallow and uniform colors.

Being inspired is not the same as copying. And it is good knitting practice to state where one has found the inspiration. This time we have borrowed some or more borders from old designs with names like Vidar, Barokk, Lilje, Skolekofta, Hardanger. This is where the stately heritage goes. We are so fortunate to have to manage the treasures and make sure that they live on in a new suit.

Now you want a delicious, creative time with pins, beautiful yarn and lovely design! What you have on the knitting list this fall - see, we are wondering. Maybe you share? It ♥ we!

Margaretha Finseth

Design & Brand Manager


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