DG371 Dale Fashion Favorites

Size: Adult

Yarn qualities : Alpaca, Alpaca Forte, Kidsilk Erle

Technique: Knit

Designer: Brit Frafjord Ørstavik

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Interested knitters have certainly got it with them; There are fluffy and chubby antlers in chubby, chunky mohair and alpaca yarns that ravage the knitwear's favorite lists. ALL must have - and those who cannot knit themselves, get knitting help. And the knitting help can be found on countless Facebook pages, on Instagram and at finn.no. In other words, it is good times for those who are fast on the pins and have good knitting arms! And extra fun for you as a knitter yourself!

WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE! Now we use knitwear regardless of style and wherever and what we are going to do. It's just a quick sweep on Insta and Pinterest, and watch the catwalk around the world. There is soft knit everywhere, and hand knit is of course the gold standard!

The shape, the yarn and the colors mean everything. And then pattern. Now it is flowing over with leaky lace, great braids, patents, grooves - individually and often all at once - as a mask-like cornucopia. We want neat and light shapes. Designs that fit equally well with jeans, liquid silk skirts and floral florals.

Actually, we have always knitted these sweaters - at least from the big knitting wave at the beginning of the 80s when the knitting people really got garndilla on the mohair. But then the popularity goes in jerks and pacifiers, and last it all took off was a finished knit version that set fire to the country's yarn circles.

So, just throw it off! And we hope you get a wonderful, creative time with fantastic yarn and cool knit on the pins! Here you will find five new sweaters, and to inspire you are all knitted in two different colors. In addition, you get accessories for each sweater, and there you can choose between delicious, soft mega scarves, hats and wristwatches. It will definitely be a warm and beautiful autumn!

What you have on the knitting list this fall - see it we are wondering. Maybe you share? It ♥ we!

Margaretha Finseth

Design & Brand Manager


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