DG372 Pink Bow by Line Langmo

Size: Children, Adult

Yarn qualities : Alpaca Magic, Line Langmo Peacock

Technique: Braids, Knit

Designer: Trine Lise Høyseth

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See the nice recipes from Dale yarn here

Here, we are launching the first part of this year's ROSA SLØYFE-COLLECTION for adults and children from 2-12 years, and now you can enjoy a delicious ROSA SLØYFE collector's magazine. But watch out! There will be even more designs during the fall! And remember that we share all the recipes for free at dalegarn.no/rosasloyfe/ Also this year, Line Langmo is the fronts of the pink bow tie with a new and delicious knit collection in the superpopular yarn types Line Langmo Peacock and Du Store Alpakka Bling. This year's novelty is yet another gorgeous and super soft luxury yarn in the Pink Bowl family; Alpaca Magic.

For each sold skein, NOK 5 goes to the breast cancer case and research into late damage after breast cancer treatment. Last year's pink loop action became a mega success! We are proud to be able to contribute in such an important matter. This year, too, the money will go to research into late-stage injuries after breast cancer. Increased knowledge will make it easier to understand and accept that cancer-free does not always mean the same as healthy. For more and more people who survive breast cancer, the fight remains to be healthy.

We look forward to contributing to the collection and to greater focus, more knowledge and information in this important work. Now we hope that the whole knit people will be inspired, throw themselves on the pins and knit this year's most delightful - and most important garment; a pink bow tie. Maybe there will be a pink bow tie or two on knitting list this fall? Then we hope you share the photos with us!

Margaretha Finseth

Design & Brand Manager


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