DSA61 Etno Chic Alpaca

Size: Adult

Yarn qualities : Big Sterk, Faerytale, Fat Faerytale, Hexa, Mini Strong, Strong

Technique: Pattern knit, knit

Designer: Iselin Hafseld

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They cost "bottle" in trendy fashion stores. You need to quickly punch out four to eight thousand for one of the season's MALE HA sweaters from overheated fashion brands. And then in yarn qualities that rarely conform to the price tag. The same sweaters - or at least very close to the "original" - you get in almost all chain stores as well. Absolutely cheaper and in yarn reflecting the price. So then it is not so strange that the yarn people also throw themselves around and knit the season's sweater in exactly the yarn they love - or what they can afford.

There has been some noise around copying charges. But when someone pulls the copy card, it's not always as obvious that the original really is an original. Those who are fortunate enough to know the yarn industry several decades back, feel the most of it. And it's also no secret that designers seize archives and fashion history in search of inspiration. Genuine originals are rather rare. Not since the early 80's, hooded sweaters in hairy luxury mohair and brushed wool have been more trendy than right now. But like everything else, every epoch has its interpretation.

Now the shapes are nicer, and the sweater has become IT fashion. Any fashionista and influencer shows up in the hottest knit sweater anywhere and styles it with both dresses, skirts and jeans - and with heels, boots or flats. For the season's sweater and accessories, we choose the most amazing and exclusive yarn types. Yarn qualities you can only dream of getting in knit. Pusmyk brushed alpaca, supersoft blown yarn and chainette yarn, just to mention the top of the yarn happiness.

Our designer, ISELIN HAFSELD, has once again designed a super-cute collection - this time with hyper-realistic counter-motors and mega-scissors in matching patterns. You have probably brought with you that just that is a MUST-HA! And there is no doubt that the scarf is just as cool alone as with the sweater. On thick sticks it runs relatively quickly, and here you will find something both for you who are fresh with sticks and yarn, and for you who want a challenge or two! Does something in this catalog on the knitting list di - see it we are wondering.

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Margaretha Finseth

Design & Brand Manager


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