DSA65 Baby & Kids Sweet Alpaca

Size: Baby, child

Yarn qualities: Pima Baby

Technique: Braids, Pattern Knit, Crochet, Knit

Designer: Hrönn Jónsdóttir, Liv Inger Espedal, Anne-Kirsti Espenes, Berit K. Skårland, Brit Frafjord Ørstavik

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See the nice recipes from Du Store Alpakka here

Knit kids' summer favorites!

Now it is moving quickly towards brighter days, and both the smallest and the slightly larger kids have guaranteed grown from the fine knitwear from last year. Are you in the pasture for ideas and inspiration, we are happy to share a whole booklet with a lot of new spring and summer projects knitted in PIMA BABY. Here you will find super cute Sina swing skirts, Kaisa dresses, bubble sweater, Jonna jacket, Heia top dress, Poppy sweater, Gladlus sweater, Jolly jacket and sweater, - and much, much more. Here, there should be knitting projects for everyone whether you are a yarn novice or driven by sticks and yarn.

So - get ready to test the perfect summer yarn! Just see what happens when the world's softest cotton is mixed with the world's finest baby pack. Peruvian Pima cotton grows in the lush valleys along the coast of northern Peru. Perfect humidity combined with warm, equatorial climate gives cotton with silky sheen and very special softness. The ideal growth conditions make Pima cotton one of the world's best cotton qualities. When you mix the world's softest cotton with the world's finest baby pack, it can't get any better.

Lucky is the kid who gets the drawer filled with delicious home knit when it goes towards ours. Even if you see the garments on slightly larger kids here, the recipes go down to 6 months in size. Therefore, you can finely match one who is tiny with a slightly larger sister or brother. How wonderful it is! The same great design in sibling versions is fun!

Now we welcome new and old alpaca fans in the pack! You had to get a lovely, sunny knit season with long knitting strips and full speed on the knitting needles. We will be extra happy when you share yarn and knitting experiences on Facebook and Instagram. And - remember to share your masterpieces with us! We just love it!

Margaretha Finseth

Design & Brand Manager


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