Clover Chaco Liner, White

Tailor's Chalk

Works with all types of fabrics

Washes away easily

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Clover Tailor's Chalk, White

Mark measurements, cut lines and more to turn all your projects into masterpieces that you and your customers will enjoy. Clover Tailor’s Chalk is preferred by world-class fashion designers, knitters, and tailors for its unique design and quality. Perfect for making temporary markings on cloth and garments, Clover’s Tailor’s Chalk is resistant to fade or smudges, ensuring that your markings don’t get rubbed off while working on your project. The chalk markings can however be washed or brushed off once you are done making your necessary alterations or embellishments.

It features a non-slip base grip, allowing you to work on your project without worrying about dropping it. The protective tube case also ensures that your chalk doesn’t break when stored.

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