Clover Row Counter (red/white)

1 row counter designed to be put straight on the knitting needle.

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Clover Red & White Row Counter

A classic row counter from Clover. Featuring a genius ring-like design, it slides to the end of your knitting needle and lets you count your rows in the most thoughtful and dependable way. The row counter lets you count all the way up to 99 and features easy slides on either side that let you rotate and mark the row as you finish each row. The row counter sits right at the end of your knitting needle so there’s no way you’ll lose the counter or lose track of your row count either. The most ideal way to count your stitched rows, you’ll never have to take on the hassle of counting and remembering each row. With the Clover Row Counter, you’ll never make mistakes or forget which row you’re currently on, ever.

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