DROPS Row counter

Use with circular needles, single or double pointed knitting needles up to size 6.50 mm.

Each pack contains 2 sizes.

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DROPS Row counter

Counting rows while you’re in the middle of a large knitting project with lots of rows and tricky patterns can quickly turn into a nightmare if you accidentally forget what row you're on. Thankfully with a handy row counter like this one from Drops, you’ll never have to struggle ever again. Designed to slide right onto and stay on your knitting needle, this row counter lets you record and keep track of each row as you complete it. With the ability to count up to 99, this row counter can be updated easily with the sliders on each side. Once you’re done, you can reset the counter and use it in your next knitting or crochet project. Ideal for use with circular needles, single or double-pointed knitting needles up to size 6.50 mm.

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