DSA62 Girly Alpaca Sweet as Candy

Size: Children 1-8 years

Yarn qualities: Pima Baby, Dreamline Air, Dreamline Sky, Dreamline Soul, Mini Strong, Strong, Thin Alpaca

Technique: Braids, Knit, Hole

Designer: Kari Haugen

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For soon, Vesla will be spinning around with just toes in the flowerbed. All that fine you knit last year is probably gone, and then you can not trust a inheritance. But that means it's time to fill both the knitting list and the knitting drawer. Happy is the girl who can get a lovely homemade dance dress, a cute swing skirt, nice-fine blonde tights and the season's most beautiful jumper, jacket and sweater plus some nice accessories in lovely lace. All this and more we share in this booklet. Maybe you will find something like deadlines, whether you are looking for the sweetest party dress or are going to knit everyday clothes that the kid wants now.

When you are now knitting for the smallest kid, there are good reasons to choose yarn from the Du Store Alpaca. We offer the very best fiber quality. Alpaca is far softer than sheep wool, and even the most delicate can withstand our alpaca right on the skin.

Alpaca is a so-called hypoallergenic fiber, and the risk of allergic reactions is minimal. The fiber does not contain lanolin, but natural sulfur that is beneficial for delicate skin. Nothing is as silky soft as an alpaca. Another advantage is that the alpaca fiber breathes, regulates the heat and is both warm and cool as needed. That's exactly why the alpaca garment is perfect for baby and children's knitwear for all seasons.

In this booklet you will find recipes that match one that is tiny with one that is slightly larger. How wonderful it is! Both the school boy and the little sister in the kindergarten wish to have a super cute everyday dress with fine lace borders. When we saw pluses with a matching jacket and lovely accessories, just get started.

We hope you will be inspired to take the pegs and welcome small and large alpaca fans in the pack! And - remember to share your masterpieces with us! We like that!

Margaretha Finseth

Design & Brand Manager


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