Scheepjes yarn bowl Light Teak wood

Very beautifully crafted yarn bowl from Scheepjes.

The bowl is handmade from teak wood.

Each bowl is therefore unique and may differ slightly from the image.

£ 49.54
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Scheepjes Light Teak wood yarn bowl 

Tired of unruly yarns bouncing around the room when you’re trying to knit something? We know how annoying that is.

Discover a simple yet elegant way to get your yarn ball to stay in control with the Scheepjes yarn bowl.

Crafted from light teakwood, this yarn bowl holds the yarn ball securely in place and even lets you thread the yarn through.

Now you can pull the yarn while knitting without worries of tangles or snags.

This wooden bowl features a gorgeous pot-like design with charming cut-out details, so it’s sure to be an excellent home decor item when it’s not in use.

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